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The aim of this partnership between the African Institute for Mathematical Sciences and CIRM is to create a bridge between CIRM and the Sub-Saharan Africa and thus increase Franco-African collaboration in the mathematical sciences.

Being a winner of this call for projects means being able to organize two 15-day stays in 2022, one at CIRM and the other in one of the AIMS centers – Senegal, Ghana, Cameroon and Rwanda.

These stays will allow the winning teams to conduct joint research, to work together on a specific project, such as the finalization of an article or a book, the study of a particular problem, the launch or continuation of a collaborative work, etc.

See the press release and discover AIMS: The « CIRM-AIMS Research in Residence » project selected as part of CNRS « Support for Collaboration with Sub-Saharan Africa » programme

  • CIRM-AIMS residencies host 2 participants (1 from each country).
  • Accommodation and meals are provided.
  • Travel expenses for all participants are covered, except for the travel expenses of the French participants to CIRM (covered by their home unit).
  • Call for proposals. After online submission, the applications are studied by referees (members of the Cirm-Scientific Council), and then presented to the members of the Scientific Committee.  A decision is made within 6 weeks. The person in charge of the organization of the meetings contacts the main organizer with a proposal of dates.
CIRM-AIMS residence Format

Meetings generally begin on Monday morning and end two weeks later on Friday before 6pm or Saturday morning at the latest.

Accommodation at Cirm is primarily in studio apartments to allow for the preparation of meals on weekends. Nevertheless, meals from Sunday evening to Friday noon are included in the offer. For week-long meetings that do not include a weekend, it is therefore possible that you will be accommodated in a single room.

The Cirm offer in detail

  • Reception of 2 people (all-inclusive stay).
  • Creation of a complete web page communicating your event.
  • Seminar room adapted to the number of participants in your group, with blackboards, screen, video projector, videoconference system, etc.
  • 24/7 access to the Cirm library. Self-service periodicals and newspapers.
  • Photocopying, scanning, printing.
  • Wifi (Cirm and eduroam)
  • All-inclusive living expenses
  • Special dinner on Thursday evening (traditional bouillabaisse)
  • Two complimentary coffee breaks per day. Free tea. Possibility to order cookies, pastries, fruits to decorate the breaks, on estimate.
  • Please note that the Cirm organizes meetings of different sizes every week and that you will be sharing the center with a school or a large conference (50-90 people) and perhaps also a workshop (up to 40 people). Accommodation is therefore shared between the various events.


+33 (0)4 91 83 30 03


Applications can be submitted throughout the year.

The proposal can be submitted in several steps. You can exit the application and return later up to the day of the deadline. Be sure to save regularly.
Do not hesitate to contact the Meeting Planner if you have any questions.

The same form can be filled out by several organizers.

The applications are examined by members of the Scientific Council, 50% of whom are foreigners, so information is requested mainly in English.

You will be guided through the online submission process and will be asked to submit a pdf file for some sections, or to complete other sections directly online.

What you are asked to do:
  • Event titles in French and English
  • Detailed scientific program
  • Abstracts and objectives: in French and English. (these abstracts will be posted on the bilingual mini web site and will serve as a publicity document).
  • List of participants with Curriculum Vitae. Please also specify if the participants have already collaborated and in which framework. Moreover, the Cirm is committed to the question of the representation of women within the events it hosts and asks the organizing committees to also attach the greatest importance to it.
  • 3 choices of dates to be selected online for the stay at Cirm and the stay in Africa
  • Duration (2 weeks, or 1)
  • Option: List of books that you would like to have on special display in the Cirm library during your stay (pdf)
  • Option: List of books from the French Mathematical Society that you would like to see displayed in the SMF bookstore. (pdf)
  • Option: any additional information (in English) that could highlight your proposal and enlighten the Scientific Council

A scientific report will be requested at the end of the residency.

Computer problem with the application: IT manager.